Rahman Baba

Born a member of the Pashtun tribe over 300 years ago in the Afghan mountains, Abdul Rahman was destined to become one of the most loved and well known poets in Pashto literature. A studious child, Abdul Rahman grew to be a man of great character, and charisma. God's blessings made him understand the true way of life was to be found through his religion, Islam. Rahman lived a life of solitude and honored God through his prayers and the writing of his magnificent poetry.

Over the years citizens, scholars, and political readers have recognized the power and great meaing in Rahman's poetry. His work has been celebrated in writing, the spoken word, and music by many people from Afghanistan to Central Asia to the Indian Subcontinent. The Afghan people honored Rahman with the name "Baba," meaning "grandfather."

His only book, the Diwan of Rhaman Baba is a prized possessions of many Afghans.